Granny Cloud

In the slums of India, a variation on Adopt-a-Grandma is happening.

SOLE and SOME, otherwise known as The Granny Cloud, are a collection of 200-odd volunteers who have been reading fairy tales to kids in slums. Many of the volunteers are retired teachers, so they have expanded into being educational mentors. Their sessions are mediated and each volunteer offers about an hour a week.

It’s a small thing to a retired teacher, but it might be the highlight of these children’s week. Many of them cannot go to school (the kids, not the retired teachers!). Having access to an English grandmother figure is fascinating and inspiring to them.



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2 responses to “Granny Cloud

  1. Pamela May Kane

    Must you have been a teacher to read stories? We live in the South West of France and have no family near us and would love to do something like this. I am a Rainbow Guider and my husband the President of the Toulouse District Girlguiding Association – we have both have CRB checks
    We both love English and have a G C E in Language and Literature. My husband is a retired Airbus Engineer

    • Hello Pamela!
      I’ve put my Adopt-a-Grandma scheme on hold for the moment, but the reading stories idea is run by another group of people.
      This is their website:
      This is the email address to contact:

      I hope you manage to get involved, there are many children I’m sure who would benefit from having contact with you. Best of luck.

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